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  • [INFOGRAPHIC] 10 Reasons To Use Twitter

    [INFOGRAPHIC] 10 Reasons To Use Twitter

    How do you use Twitter? This infographic illustrates the 10 best reasons to use the popular microblogging platform.

  • Surf Shop Design

    Surf Shop Design

    Design development sketches of the customer "meet 'n' greet" area for an online adventure sports retailer.

  • Apartment Design

    Apartment Design

    A visual overview of an apartment interior design from the project concept/sample boards .

  • Workspace Design

    Workspace Design

    The layout of this workstation area encourages greater interaction in a comfortable space where ideas are easily exchanged through open collaboration.

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    Construction Drawings

    Interior designers use many types of drawings, sketches, and diagrams to explore, refine and convey design ideas and instructions effectively. Plans and specifications will illustrate the tasks are to be done, where they are to be done, and whose responsibility it is to do them.

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    Sketching is a great way to present conceptual ideas quickly. Hand-drawn sketches are useful in interior work to convey the subtleties of surface finishes and texture, in correct proportion and scale. For projects that do not need full-blown 3D modelling or photo-realistic renderings, sketches are a great alternative.

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    Research & Analysis

    Interior designers deal with the manipulation of all types of interior spaces, but in order to do this effectively we need to understand the people using the space. Research and analysis is essential to discover issues and gain a greater understanding of problems, so we can create better solutions..

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